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Mankind has Left its Moorings

Mankind has left its moorings
And the boats have left the bay,
Spiralling across the water,
Sailing far away.
Over the wild white oceans
They sail on through wind and rain,
Towards the distant lands
The wealth they shall obtain.
Up above in the pitch-black sky
The planes are soaring ever so high,
Lost amongst the lamps of light
Shimmering in the dark cloak of night.
Up to lofty heights they do aspire
Up to the blue sky of sapphire,
Drifting lazily higher and higher,
Gliding with the glorious fire.
At last mankind has thrown away their fears
And let flow their shiny tears,
Found peace, laid down their spears
For up to lofty heights they do aspire.

by Euan Sinclair

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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