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On The Night Of Halloween

He comes out every Halloween night
Filling the streets with terror and fright
Sucking the blood of every living soul
Devouring the taste, achieving his goal
He was wandering the streets on Halloween night
When he saw a girl on the swing pushing at a great height
All alone, not giving a care
That Malik Dracula was standing right there
She was singing to her heart's content
The song given to her mother and then to her it was sent
Malik wiped the tear that rolled down his cheek
Remembering his mother who sung that song to put him to sleep
The girl turned around and to her surprise
It was Malik (her brother) who met her eyes
She quickly got up and ran with full speed
But Malik was faster, much faster indeed
Malik wanted his sister back
Even though she gave him a slap
She said sorry and he forgave
Then they both went to their mother's grave
Now Malik lives all happy and jolly
With his little sister Holly.

by Sumaiya Iman (11)
The Beeches Primary School, Peterborough

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.