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In a cave
Where is the light?
Why won't daybreak come?
How am I to fight?
Bolted are the doors,
That rattle with hate
And shout at my hope,
Or destroy my fate.
First it was my family,
Then gone was my breath,
Choking, suffocating, dying,
Is this depression, despair or death?
Blinded by my last golden hope,
The only colour I know is death,
So far down, where is up?
Have I had my last breath?
No head under the hat,
No foot in the footstep,
No voice left to shout,
At the darkness of the depth.
Death! No.
Unfairness? No.
Depression? No.
Despair... Yes.

by Brooke Evans-Harries (11)
Ysgol Glan Cleddau, Haverfordwest

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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