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Wellington Boots

I groan and I grunt, I'm as blue as can be
I scowl at the world and it scowls back at me
Well that's how it feels, I'm all alone now
And my wellies are filling up with rain.
I feel empty inside as I trudge through the mud
I just wish that the ground would swallow me up
I'm an island of gloom on the vast, grey ocean
And my wellies still fill up with rain.
I'm exactly like a wilting flower
Becoming persistently weaker by the hour
Swimming in my own sombre sea of sadness
And my wellies still fill up with rain.
My heart of stone starts to crack
I can feel the warmth coming back
It's like I have been reborn again
And my wellies are starting to drain.
I'm happy once more, aglow with delight
My once grey world is finally bright
The sun melts all my blues away
And my wellies are dry once again.

by Alice Moran (10)
St Mary's RC Primary School, Denton

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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