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Cruelty Of War

At night the memories wash over me
Biting at my heart
Reminding me of my father.
Under the covers my face brims with sweat.
Eyes flooded with pain,
A sore lump in my throat
The anger builds inside me.
My pulse is beating fast.
Tears run down my cheeks
Soaking the paper I'm writing on.
I remember it so clearly: the guns, bombs and blood.
Soldiers took him and left me alone.
I sit here on my bed, blood draining from my face
Remembering the times he smiled at me
Filling me with joy.
My legs shaking, heart breaking
Memories creeping out.
I wish he was with me
But he's gone
I look at the blank space where he used to lie.
I can still see him faintly
Lying there, content.
War, with its fire, hatred and sadness
Took everything from me.
My mother's face, overwhelmed with grief
The day the letter came.
Salty tears falling silently.
There is no way back
But I still keep living.

by Ruby Wooller (9)
Brackenbury Primary School, Hammersmith

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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