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When Guilt Comes

When she comes . . .
It's sudden and without warning
Unexpectedly you double over with pain
You're infected, with no cure
You know you've been shot with a deadly dart of shame.
When she comes . . .
Desperate to undo the curse
A rose grows in your stomach, piercing your insides
Its thorns puncturing your heart
All the love and joy bleeds out and away fun flies
When she comes . . .
It's because of an action
Something you wish you hadn't done, hadn't thought of
But you can't undo the done
So, you're trapped, captured under her solemn, black glove
When she comes . . .
You do struggle, you do lie
You try to fight, but this battle you do not win
Her powers seep through your skin
You find yourself more tangled in the net you're in
When she comes . . .
It's awful, you feel as if
It's a summer's day, the sky has turned a sombre-grey
And then, you're caught in the rain
You are cold, soaked, happiness has been cast away
When she comes . . .
You try to escape her clutch
You think, ponder, concentrate hard, you've found the way
Freedom's just around the bend
Say sorry, tell the truth, she's gone away.

by Caitlin Lynch (11)
St Mary's School

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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