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On Snow-White Wings

The land had once been ablaze with love and light
But now it was no more
Sadness had crept up, unseen by most
And pounced like a tiger
Now, barren wastelands reached out as far as the eye could see
And plumes of inky smoke wafted through the skies
Where puffy clouds once drifted
The charred grass existed with no movement
Despite the lifeless breeze
But lurking somewhere between the narrow alleyways
And spiralling staircases, there was a seed of hope
And this hope expanded, flourishing in its own care
It restored itself to fading hearts
And soon had crossed the bridge to reality
Now love soared up high on snow-white wings
And smiled down on its joyful people.

by Eleanor Elias (10)
Heber Primary School, Southwark

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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