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Bubbles - My Special Cat

Every time I think about your 21 years,
My eyes fill up with tears,
You've given me so much joy,
I never needed another toy,
The little sparkle in your green eyes,
Made it even harder to say goodbye,
Where you once sat has now become an empty space,
But no one can take your place.
I remember all the fun we had and all the things we did,
Always remember that you're a very special kid,
You had your ways, bad or good,
For 21 years you ruled the neighbourhood,
It wasn't easy for either of us to let go,
Deep inside we both knew we had to put on a show,
Love you more than words can say,
Think of you each night and day.

by Verda Khan (10)
Two Mile Ash Primary School, Milton Keynes

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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