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Darkness Is Your Way

The storm brews in your stomach,
Your pupils dilate, it smells like an athlete running for one hour,
It is like you are a volcano erupting,
You taste the salt of your tears,
The venom enters your bloodstream,
You make the people morose, your ears start a small explosion,
Ghost peppers jump from the volcano into you,
Anger takes control,
Your torso hardens like a rock,
Your ear-piercing sound leads the way,
The clenching fists burn, good enough to start a fire,
Darkness spreads up your face,
The smashing, the banging, the violent part starts,
Lightning strikes your heartbeat.
The storm hits once again.
Your toes venomously dig out your shoes.
Teeth start to grit rapidly fast,
Anger now controls you,
People's dazzling faces wipe into darkness,
Your depleted soul is now darkness.
Your heat enters the clouds.

by Kayd Wilkinson (11)
Simonside Primary School, Jarrow

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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