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I Am Who I Am

I am who I am,
In fact, I'm just like you.
So why be so horrible to me?
Just put yourself in my shoes.
I'm hit every single day,
By balls and once an old car.
For the people who kick me for no reason,
Who on Earth do you think you are?
Once, a boy planted my soul,
To grow tall and strong.
Oh, how I miss the beautiful birds,
They sing me lovely songs.
Sometimes I feel so lonely,
Lucky to have one leaf nearby.
Sometimes people long for my trunk,
I'm even terrified of the sky.
So next time you bully or chop me down,
Just stop right there and don't ever change me,
And think about my horrid feelings.
For I am who I am, just a lonely tree.

by Melissa Senyuva (10)
Branston Junior Academy, Lincoln

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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