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The Rainbow Of Emotions

Dip deep into your mind,
What do you find?
A pallet of colours red, green and blue,
Painting a picture of you.
Raging red, roaring with thunder,
Anger is a stormy day ready to plunder.
Someone annoying, someone hurting,
Inside me a volcano is bursting.
Blinding black, crouching in-between the crowds,
Fear is like the sun hiding behind the clouds.
Slithering snakes, terrifying thunderstorms, the wind blowing,
Inside me a shivering iceberg slowly growing.
Burdening blue, a gloomy, ominous cloud,
Sadness is like rain pouring aloud,
Being teased, being alone, failing despite trying,
Inside me my world is crying.
Youthful yellow, a spark kindling,
Happiness is the sun brightly shining,
A funny joke, a praise, reading,
Inside me my heart is warm and beaming.
You dug deep into your mind
And what did you find?
A rainbow of emotions is a great view
This makes . . . you!

by Aarin Kundapur-Pereira (9)
Edge Grove School. Watford

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.