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The Fear In Me


A dark, scowling shadow with crimson, hollow eyes,
Chasing me through the deserted, rotten halls.
A sharp breeze rushing onto my cheeks.
Screams of birds without their wings,
They cannot fly away.
A deep maroon shadowing my vision.
The window that is longing for a world to look out at.
Cries of helpless children flooding my ears.
Lifeless echoes and heartless smiles.
A dry sensation swelling up on my tongue.
The fear building up in the pit of my stomach.
I am unable to speak.
My fingers feeling numb.
I see my life flashing before my mind.
A ghost that will deceive me.
The requiem trapping my mind.
Will this be my demise?
There is no escape.

by Laurelle Tappin (11)
Portway Junior School, Derby

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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