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I feel blissful when I'm reading peacefully on my own
It's like I'm in a different world, in my own little zone.
I feel joyous when I wake up and the sun is beaming through my bedroom window
It's like I've found the golden pot at the 
end of the rainbow!
I feel gleeful when my family shower me with
hugs and kisses
It's like I've been rewarded with all the worldly riches.
I feel overjoyed when I receive lots of birthday presents
It's like I'm special, just like the American president!
I feel on top of the world when I've been gifted
a whole load of compliments
It's like a real rocket boost to my confidence.
I feel jubilant when playing all day with
my sisters and friends
It's like I wish this moment would never end!
I feel ecstatic when I find out and learn new things
It's like I'm a sponge absorbing everything Google brings.
I feel easy-going when I'm chilling on the beach
It's like all my troubles and worries are
completely out of reach!
I feel delighted as I gobble up heaps of
chocolate and treats
It's like I wish it was Groundhog Day
so it repeats and repeats.
I feel glad when I'm drawing and creating
brand new things
It's like being in a dream where I dance and sing!
I feel jovial as I jump about in the snow
It's like an amazing feeling I never want to outgrow.
I feel excited when I run downstairs
on Christmas morning
It's like I'm going to burst with joy without any warning!

So now you see, happiness is my favourite emotion
It's like a massive warm hug of devotion.
So just find your own special thing or place
To spread a smile across your face!

by Sonai Dhooper (8)
Chad Vale Primary School, Birmingham

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.