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The Winner Is Not The Winner

Two points of view:
A battle of words
is a blaze of jealousy,
shredding, shearing,
deep into each other's icy, frozen souls.
Violent thoughts of aggressive lightning
on the end of the blade,
gashing deep,
piercing hard.
'I'm not giving in!'
I slit an evil slice of cruelty
into my opponent's mind,
impaling aggressive words of fury
Into his poor, suffering, steel heart.
Harpooning far into the spirit,
a scream of pain shrieks . . .
A white flag . . .
The one who won
is not the winner;
the winner
is the one who creates
the peace.

Thank you letter from the winner

To all the people at Young Writers who selected me as a winner,

I was shocked.

When the head of my class room mentioned my name, I was then interested, she was talking about the War of Words which surprised me.

I had completely forgotten about that poem and me entering into the Young Writer, so when she mentioned it I had to think for a second what she was talking about.

I turned bright red and couldn't get the grin off my face while the whole school was staring at me and clapping. This was the first thing I had ever won!

"Four thousand people entered and I won!" I was thinking in my head.

My excitement was immense. I couldn't get over the fact that I won, I was imagining what my family were going to say about this miracle!

Once again, I am so thankful that you put your time and effort into this competition I am in.

With best wishes Oscar. 

P.S thank you for the voucher. 

by Oscar Rhodes (0)
Laidlaw Education, London

Competition - War Of Words

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