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Rainbow Karee

Hanging upside down in a magical forest was how she liked it. Tweeting birds and waterfalls overflowing with magical glitter was all she could hear. This was home. In her daydream she forgot about all the things she was meant to do until... her mum called, 'Rainbow Karie, you have a mission to do!'

Rainbow Karie replied, flying fast, 'I'm going Mum!'

Rainbow was a superhero. She had lovely coloured hair with beautiful shiny eyes and eyelashes as long as fairies' wings. When she flew, rainbow lights sparkled out of her dress.

Bang! There was danger! She flew as fast as she could, there was lots of smoke around her. She blew cold water out of the palms of her hands to get the fire out. Everyone was cheering for her. It was spreading quick. Everybody was coughing and calling for help! Scared for their lives, they tried to get out. Everywhere had lots of fire and smoke spreading. Rainbow Karie needed back-up so she pressed a button on her dress, calling 981. 'We need help!' While she waited she kept blowing water from her hands.

The help arrived to her call and she saved the day. She was happy so she rushed off home to relax in the magical forest.

by Makaree Joyce Manirambona (7)
Rockmount Primary School, London

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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