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When The Message Came

It was dark when the message came, when we were hidden beneath the stone,
When the mist burnt my eyes and I could only trust that I wasn't alone,
When the ice that surrounded me set itself ablaze and turned to dust,
Fleeing from the footsteps which made iron become encased in rust.

It was fearfully cold when the message came, when we cowered from all sight,
When we heard the silent screams that shattered the frozen night,
When all around me I could taste the bitterness of death,
Such a shallow ocean of pain drawn in with every breath.

It was a world of hunger when the message came, when there was nothing left to eat,
When we had shuddered from starvation that death happily we would greet,
When the candle had burnt out and the wax enveloped our rigid hands,
Stiff bones together as we prayed someone would protect our lands.

It was a pit of dread when the message came, when we forgot all our hope,
When we were cocooned - in coarse blankets that smelled of ancient soap,
When a single tear in the darkness rolled down my dusty cheek,
As futile as this vigil which in silence we will keep.

It was the gravest nightmare when the message came, when we wished for the light of days,
When all but one emotion had run and would stay away,
When our dreams had abandoned us and left us for the sky,
If dreams can't survive here, what hope have you and I?

It was empty when the message came, when the message came to dawn,
When all was gone, save the echo of fear, with no one left to mourn,
When our souls were the only beings that to the Earth had not been chained,
So very, very certain that by death we had been claimed.

by Jessica Bass (0)
Bedford Free School, Bedford

Competition - War Of Words

Copyright remains with the author.