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The Red Planet

One summer morning, a superhero was playing in the garden, when Spider Girl saw a dark blue box, it looked very mysterious. She saw a little door so she quietly crept over to it and opened the door. While she was opening it, it creaked, it was a bit scary but Spider Girl wasn't scared. She went inside. It was a bit dusty.

A few minutes later the box lifted into the air, it wasn't a box, it was a time travelling machine.

One minute later it turned invisible then the blind on the window closed and all at once the time machine zoomed up into the air. After all of that there was a big crash! When Spider Girl opened the door and got out quickly she discovered she was on the moon.

A few hours later, after she had explored the planet, an alien waddled up to her, it kept coming to her as if it was going to eat her. She saw a star, she used her power to make her webs onto the star. 'Good,' said Spider Girl and it caught the alien as well.

The alien said, 'Dada.'

'Ha, ha, ha, ha,' said Spider Girl. 'I just don't care.' She fled back to the time machine, it was just about to take off but Spider Girl was too fast. She got in the time machine. It turned invisible and zoomed back to Earth. She said, 'Phew, that was close.' It finally landed. She opened the door, 'I'm home,' she said.

by Jessica Brown (6)
High Down Infant School, Bristol

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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