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Cloud Pollution Man Strikes Again

Incredible Earthman and Mighty Metal Man were chilling out on their galactic star rocket spaceship. Suddenly the computer radar named Star bleeped out, 'Alert... danger, humans are at risk...' The two superheroes looked at the screen. They found that Pollution Man had let out a deadly cloud of gas. It made humans, plants and animals very sick, and unable to breathe. In the end nothing would grow healthily. The sun would not be able to shine. This also made the rivers and the seas dirty and smelly.

They landed on Planet Earth and set out immediately, breathing in the pollution with their magical powers. They breathed out recycled clear oxygen for all humans, plants and animals. Metal Man made a cloud of food gas for the plants, animals and humans. Incredible Earthman dived into the seven seas and hoovered all the dirt that Pollution Man had left (as if Incredible Earthman was brushing his teeth).

The two superheroes returned to space. Star checked everyone was happy and living healthily on Planet Earth. How long will this last? Incredible Earthman and Mighty Metal Man will always keep a close eye from their rocket spaceship.

by Nathan Lee (6)
Pentip Church In Wales Primary School, Llanelli

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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