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Super Candy Girl

Once there lived a little girl named Candy who loved candy. Not just the taste but how it looked and how much fun it was to play and build with. Candy always dreamt of owning her very own candy factory when she grew up.

Every morning Candy and her best friend, Lexi, would walk past a sweet factory guessing what sweets were being made and pretending to see them in a game of I spy. But one morning, as the girls arrived at where the factory usually was, all they saw was bricks and dust. As they stood confused, the earth beneath them began to move. A huge crack appeared in the ground at their feet. Then, looking up, they saw a giant mouse holding a golden hammer! The girls ran! The mouse began to shoot blue lasers from it's eyes. One laser hit Candy on her hand, it didn't hurt but when she opened her hand again it glowed and then appeared a blue ball of light. Candy threw the ball and then, to her amazement, it hit a brick wall and turned into a shiny candy house!

This is when Candy became Super Candy Girl. With a stretch of her arm Candy rose into the sky to fly within the clouds. This was fun, as she touched the clouds they felt like candyfloss. Candy closed her hands as she sat on a cloud to look at her town beneath her. Candy opened her hand again to drop the blue ball to the ground. Like magic, the bricks and dust disappeared to make way for streets made of candy houses! From this day Candy travelled the world fixing what destruction the mouse had made, giving people houses and extra treats of candy.

As the years passed, Candy and Lexi remained best friends, together they played in the clouds, flew over oceans and together they created the candy factory that they had always dreamt about and opened shops all over the world.

by Mya Noi (6)
Elm Wood Primary School, Manchester

Competition - Superhero Adventures

Copyright remains with the author.