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Certificate Man: The Story

There was a village of innocent citizens.

Dr Disconsiderate said, 'I've made the most evil device ever, a buggy that shoots fire.'

He went to the village and shot fire at the citizens. Then all of them ran away. One called Oli said, 'This looks like a job for... someone other than me!' He called the superhero hotline. There was a message saying that most superheroes were busy, so Oli pressed the button for any available superhero.

'Certificate Man will be with you shortly,' said the message.

Soon there was a knock at the door. Oli opened it and Certificate Man was there. Just then, Dr Disconsiderate arrived on his buggy and he said, 'Let's do this!'

He fired his weapon at Certificate Man, but missed. Certificate man dodged out of the way and threw a bomb towards the buggy. It caught fire and blew up the buggy. Dr Disconsiderate jumped clear and said, 'Nooooooo....'

Certificate Man said, 'I think I'll have an early night!'

by Oliver Strachan
Billing Brook School, Northampton

Competition - Superhero Adventures

Copyright remains with the author.