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A Light Bulb Moment

The day of the trip. There's something strange on the field. 'Mr Pearson, what's that?' Abby asked. 'A time machine?'

'Correct!' he replied. 'Victorian times!' said Mr Pearson. 'Press the blue button now!'

Seconds later the engines stopped. Doors flew open revealing a house. 'Welcome to 1879,' said a man. 'Hello, I'm Thomas Edison.'

'Wow, Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor!'

'A light bulb?' exclaimed Thomas.

'Your invention!' replied Abby.

Mr Pearson said, 'Abby fetch a light bulb; bring it here.'

'A light bulb, Mr Edison,' said Abby.

History remembers Edison for light bulbs, but somehow not Walmley Juniors!

by Abby Cahm (10)
Walmley Junior School, Sutton Coldfield

Competition - Time-Travelling Tales

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