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A Day At The Beach

The car pulls up, and off the kids dash
Toward the sea, all ready to splash
Lagging behind, Dad shouts with a frown
‘Look out kids, there’s cars around!’
On to the sand the children scamper
Then comes Mum with the picnic hamper
Dad struggles with deckchairs, with windbreak flapping
Kids laughing and joking, running and clapping.
Sandcastles soon cover the golden sand
Mum relaxes as Dad lends a hand
The beach is covered with pretty stones and shells
The air is filled with seaside smells.
Dad lights the grill in a cloud of smoke and fire
Dad’s face is blackened, the fumes rising higher
On the barbie succulent sausages sizzle
As from the sky it starts to drizzle.
Splat goes the mustard, yellow and hot
Hot dogs all round, those hit the spot!
Ice cream galore, the kids wanting more,
Oops splat! goes a dollop, onto the floor.
Then through the clouds, the sun starts to peep
Dad’s in the deckchair, fast asleep
The waves break gently upon the shore
Dad’s in the deckchair, starting to snore.
The tide’s coming in and tickles Mum’s toes
She wakes with a yelp, ‘It’s time to go!’
We’re back in the car, there’s traffic, a line
Bye-bye seaside, we’ll see you next time!
What a day at the beach!

by Daisy Agar (11)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

Copyright remains with the author.