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My Journey To School

I live 16 miles away from my school,
So my mum drives me in and it’s really cool.
We drive through my village, and I wave to my friends
Then we travel up and down and around the bends.
The red kites fly above in the sky,
And the cows and sheep graze as we pass by,
I look at the clouds and make up shapes,
It’s fluffy and bumpy like a bunch of grapes.
We listen to the radio and sing some songs
And we play some games as we travel along.
The alphabet game and I Spy is best
Because I beat my mum, it’s a real test.
The road gets busier and kids are walking,
They don’t see me as they are all talking.
As my mum pulls up at the school gate,
I meet up with my friends and my very best mate.

by Tanya Morgan (8)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

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