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Captain Liverpool Saves The Day

Today is the day, Liverpool v Manchester United and the crowd are super excited. Captain Liverpool is looking forward to a great day. His happy face soon changes when he looks up and sees Manchester Red Devils have arrived with their forks. They are his greatest enemies.
The Red Devils jump down from the stadium canopy with their forks, and sink them into the pitch. Captain Liverpool must act fast to stop them destroying the turf.
The Liverpool fans all cheer as Captain Liverpool's special powers are revealed. His super long and super strong legs sprint across the pitch to the Devils. With one almighty swing, his super long, super strong leg kicks the nearest Red Devil up into the air and over the roof of the main stand. The crowd roar!
The other Red Devils' mouths drop, and they make their big exit onto the roof and out of the stadium before they are at the receiving end of Captain Liverpool's big boot.

by Gethin Phillips (7)
New Inn Primary School, Pontypool

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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