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Time Team

We are three normal school kids…but are we?
When there is trouble and we are needed, we become Time Team. Our names are Jim Peters, Emily Rogers and Steve Parker, but when our help is needed we become Year, Date and Time.
Our job is keeping the country and the whole world safe. We watch the news at night to make sure there isn't trouble and when there is, we put our watches together and set the time, date and year to before the problem and teleport to where the trouble is.
Nobody knows who we are, not even our families. We go at night when everyone is asleep. We wear costumes covered in numbers from head to toe so we are disguised.
Our last rescue mission was a train crash where 20 people were killed. A car broke down on the track. The train was going at 134 miles per hour when it slammed into the car. Our job was to warn the driver that the car had broken down on the track so she could stop carefully.
It feels awesome to be a superhero and change history.

by Martha Harrison (6)
Willow Lodge - The King's Junior School, Chester

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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