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The Monsters Of Smelly Old Boots

This is a poem about monsters; they’re my very favourite thing
When you have read this poem you’ll see why and all the fun they can bring.
They live in outer space on a planet called Smelly Old Boots
But you would be surprised to see they all wear very smart suits.
Monsters are all different shapes and sizes, some are big and hairy
While others, though they may be small, are really very scary.
One of them, Ogg the Orrible wears a hat that’s very bobbly
And he eats so much his belly is very round and wobbly!
Grunger likes to eat gloop soup and eyeball-flavoured ice cream
He slurps, burps then pokes out his tongue to make all the little girls scream!
Big Eyes the Bald looks like he’s mean and tough but actually he’s very funny
And in his ginormous suit pocket he keeps his cute pet bunny!
Roaring Rock many years ago used to be a famous smuggler
But luckily now he’s reformed and become an amazing juggler!
Pink Blob (a lady) monster jumps so much she causes the earth to shake
And back on Planet Earth everyone starts to quiver and quake.
Doctor Brains looks after everybody, he is a very important fellow
When any monster becomes ill he gives them medicine that’s bright yellow!
The monsters of Smelly Old Boots are usually a really happy crew
But behave or look out because they are watching you!

by Anonymous (9)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

Copyright remains with the author.