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My Five Important Senses

I can hear the birds sing, the dogs bark, the cat miaow.
I can hear the phone ring,
I can hear you!

I can see the grass grow, the bright stars,
The yellow moon.
I can see the white snow.
I can see you!

I can smell the roast meat,
The fresh bread, the pretty flowers.
I can smell your dirty feet.
I can smell you!

I can touch the soft grass,
The cold ice, the wet rain.
I can touch the smooth glass.
I can touch you!

I can taste the crispy apples,
The chocolate bar, the cream cake.
I can taste the fresh pineapple.
I can taste you!

by Mark Balachandran (6)
Dr. Triplett's CE Primary School, Hayes

Competition - Sense Poetry

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