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Little Turtle

Turtle floating in the sea,
Will you come and swim with me?
Shiny shell and pointy nose,
Going where the current flows.

Laying down, eating grass,
Watching fish floating past.
Must be careful when you come up,
Not to get gobbled up.

Little babies hatch at night,
When the full moon is bright.
Crawling across the soft, smooth sand,
They head for sea, not for land.

Floating about in the sea,
Looking for jellyfish for tea.
Soft and squidgy, yum, yum, yummy,
Filling up their empty tummies.

I saw a turtle in the sea,
Floating freely, happy as can be.
She took a breath and dived deep down,
Then came back up and swam around.

by Freya Hedges (6)
Ashville College Pre-Prep School, Harrogate

Competition - Sense Poetry

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