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Don't Leave Me Here Alone

Running through the dark, cold streets of London,
Laughter of the two boys, leaning against the wall, echoed.
Now I stand here, all alone,
With the harsh wind slicing across my skin.
Now I know that these are the few memories I have left of you, of us.
Because you are gone, you are not in this world anymore.

My world was dark, hidden beneath a shadow,
I reflected it, by being cruel and dark, so I let no one close.
Thus I spat bitter words, with my cold gaze on you,
You kept your gentle smile and amused glance like it was nothing.
You held out your hand, an offer of friendship,
I took hold of it, clinging to the only warmth that I had.

You, my friend, were the opposite of me,
You had the purest heart, a gift to treasure.
In your eyes alone, you found goodness in me,
Past the deep, dark, depth of my soul.
You were the light, in my shadow world,
You were the friend, who just understood and didn't judge.

You pulled me out of the deep waters, which crashed against me.
With you as my support, it was easier to look above it, to face against it.
But death was even crueller than me, he took you away,
And without your support, once again I plunged into darkness, drowning.
How can one stay above the water without help?
How can one live in the world, without half of its soul?

Slowly I emerged from the water,
Because I knew, despite everything, whatever I did, you were there.
I still hear your melodic chuckle and hear your soft warning,
No matter what, you are still that steady flame by my side, consistent and sincere.
Even with the gaping hole in my heart, one that will never fill,
Just know that you were my friend, you were my brother.

by Vithusha Sivaneswaran (17)
Independent Entry

Competition - The Poetry Trials

Copyright remains with the author.