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White but colourful,
Raving rays,
Life it pays.

Shone where happiness,
Lost where fight,
Declined through abyss,
When stole is right.

Found by sparkle
Of eyes it seems,
So controversial,
But familiar gleam.

Red, orange, yellow,
Green, yet blue,
Indigo, violet,
Slowly burns through.

Pearl as beauty,
Weightless white blades,
Rapider than nimble,
Straight colonnades.

Blazing fury,
Incandescent fear,
When the end of light's story
Is drawing near.

Failed in death,
Used in sight,
The crowning breath
Of all its might.

Effulgent of sight,
Resplendent with might,
Lambent and boisterous,
Scintillating effulgence.

by Patrick Thurlow (13)
King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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