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City's Lullaby

I wonder if I can heave this heavy back
At dusk and sleeping slow
The rain is falling at a softened pace
A surge of wind flusters and hurries
Through these wide living streets, asleep and exhaling

The gale catches these hands
Though does not lift these feet –
Rooted into the wet stained ground
For the rain keeps falling
Pitter-patter against the windows –
Of tenements and offices
In ones and twos and threes they switch off –
And die down till only faintly buzzing lights
And massed ranks of glass and stone
Step back into shadow and silence

And then, almost discreetly, all duties done
I try to stop the mind, once it begins –
Fraying into dreams
Even the world and all its hard materials
Holding like buds of rain on windows before loosening;
As if there were hands amongst stars
Inside those wonderful, unlit buildings.

by Max Higgins (13)
Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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