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Peaches And Grass

Gazing out to the wildness of the night
On chiaroscuro canvas, frameless, wide,
Patches of grey reluctant slip away,
As orange cordial dilutes, dissipates.

A flock of birds gracefully flitters by,
Soaring above trees, peppering the sky.
God's happy paintbrush strokes with luscious ease:
Perpetuating shards of peachy glass.

Trees turn in gradient – ebony to grass,
More streaks inhibit sky as seconds pass.
The grey promotes itself to creamy blue,
A melancholy wavelength – serene hue.

Carving; truncated, azure cleft in panes,
Seeping, come peaches' pigment – racing, lined,
Translucent too is scarlet staining through
Interlaced fibres – tunic tightly sewn.

Glinting in trees, branches, peaches fluoresce,
Profoundly tint deepens – roses progress,
Canvas soaks pigment – forehead from damp bowl,
Sparkling, our beast glistens, gives chesty growl.

Ether stirs and slumberous blinks awake.
Lets out a mighty yawn with mouth agape,
Petals caress the edges of the frame,
Roses float effortlessly over stream.

Our eyes avert from regal judgement cast,
Or endure blinding pain this day to last.
The eye glares, rises up above all things,
Eternal power: robed, crowned, King of Kings.

by Marcello Palazzo (16)
Eton College, Windsor

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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