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Space Journey

Climb in a rocket and the countdown will start,
the engine rumbles and you blast off like a dart.
The speed of the rocket distorts your face;
finally we’ve reached outer space.
Now the mission begins for knowledge and wisdom,
to find out about our wonderful solar system.
The flow of the tide, the dish and the spoon
are somehow related to our first stop, the moon.
The cow it jumped over, the little dog laughed
we’re off to the sun, now doesn’t that sound daft.
It’s starting to get hot, the mercury is rising
we’d better turn ’round, well that’s not surprising.
Then you should have seen us,
Because we tried to fly to Venus.
Next we see Earth, we’ve been there today,
let’s go to Mars, hip hip hooray!
As we fly closer we see lots of stars,
there it is we’ve spotted it, the red planet Mars.
Then we see Jupiter, the biggest planet of them all,
compared to that gas giant we look very small.
From Earth, Saturn looks like a bright golden star
it has rings of ice and rock, isn’t that bizarre?
Uranus is a planet tipped on its side,
watch out there’s an asteroid, we’d better not collide.
Neptune is a planet cold, dark and blue,
it was photographed several times by Voyager One and Two.
We’ve searched for Pluto but can’t find it at all,
that’s probably because it’s very, very small.
We’ve seen our eight planets and what they’re worth
now it’s time to head back to Earth.

by Matthew Nixon (11)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

Copyright remains with the author.