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Midnight Hunter

The white-bellied hunter with shining pearl teeth
Glides through the moonlit sea.
Like a speeding torpedo, a monster released
She has her whole life to be free.

The water is cloudy and inky, dark black,
They feel her presence here.
Not Arctic, nor reef, not shallow but deep,
The sea's anything but clear.

Midnight is best for the hunt to begin,
It's when most prey is unaware…
Her beady, black eye flicks from right to left,
But still giving nothing her stare.

A faraway shape she spies on the surface
Her dagger-like body she swerves,
Curious what this new object might be,
And hoping that dinner is served.

Larger and larger the shadow still grows,
As she rises from undersea depths,
But just as she finds out what this shape might be…

The hunter is caught in a net.

Thrashing and crashing, she tries to break free,
But the fisherman's net is too strong.
Once, the most terrible ocean nightmare,
Now trapped, knowing death won't be long.

Captured, defeated and truly destroyed,
She longs for her ocean domain.
She thinks of the days chasing fur seals for food,
Now lying in absolute shame.

Remembering in gloom her predator days,
She thinks of her razor-sharp teeth
And a plan to free her from fishermen's hands,
To continue her life beneath.

She slices and dices the net with her teeth,
With the urge to be free still inside.
With one final bite, the victim is free
And into the blue she glides.

The trawler is gone and the dawn starts to break,
The hunter's now free to attack.
Forever she shall be most utterly feared
And never to ever look back.

by Anthony Baillie-Powell (13)
St. George Catholic College, Southampton

Competition - The Poetry Trials

Copyright remains with the author.