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From The Corners Of My Mind

Over the volcano of anger
Beyond the labyrinth of confusion
Through the forest of timidity
Lies a place where unforgotten memories hide

Lingering in the dark of night
Shadows shimmer in shallow light
Lightning litters the lifeless land
And in the darkness lies a house

There lives fear
Some people say it's haunted here
Some people say much worse
But I have seen such ghastly things
I know what's buried there

When you're in the dark of night
Hours before the dawn, the light
A feeling creeps up your spine
This is Fear, stealing up to make your scream

From the corners of your mind
Can you feel him creep up behind?
What does he look like? That's your choice
Will you keep your horror confined?

by Saskia Thompson (10)
Holy Cross Preparatory School, Kingston-upon-Thames

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.