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There's Someone At The Door

I walk downstairs and all I see
Is a dark, menacing shadow staring at me.
The room is a crooked castle standing as cold as stone,
A wind of loneliness cries, ‘You're all alone.’

I can't breathe the air's too thin…
Suddenly, beyond my power, the room closes in,
I'm crawling across the kitchen floor,
Creaking, knocking from the door…

I hide swiftly and silently behind a box,
Hoping that the door stays strong and locked.
My chest raises rapidly, my pulse races by,
My eyes roll to the back of my head and the dizziness makes me fly.

Fear consumes my every vein,
It pulses through my bloodstream,
Sweat beads from my head
As my lips let out a silent scream!

Fear has overcome…and I lie there waiting…just waiting…

by Ophelia Forrester-Mills (10)
St. Filumena's Catholic Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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