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Questions To Reality

Oh Peace, Peace, where did you go?
Did you hang your head in shame?
Did you drown in tears of sorrow?

Oh, Hope, Hope, where did you go?
Are you blinded by hatred?
Can you not see the kids on Earth,
Their lives depending on your return?

Oh Good Dreams, Good Dreams, where did you go?
Help me block out these visions, hallucinations, even.
Or are they permanently engraved into my memory?
Going to drive me mad 'til I die?

Oh, Laughter, Laughter, where did you go?
Is a gunshot the new laughter, like orange is the new black?

Oh, Anger, Anger, why did you arrive?
Building up inside like lava, like the air in a pressure cooker?

Oh Tears, Tears, why did you arrive?
In a sense, you help, but still work for the Negativity Agency.
Since when is it against the law to have your say?
Why does it always have to be done the Government's way?

Oh Reality, Reality, why do you exist?
Why can't we all live in a fantasy, a problem free world, a land of pure imagination?
In a sense though, that is the beauty of reality.
If we lived in a fantasy we couldn't appreciate it the way we do in reality.

by Nya Ahluwalia (11)
Derwentwater Primary School, London

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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