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The Emotion Dictionary

I was confused about what powerful emotion should I have,
Maybe if I look in the emotion dictionary I'll find an emotion that is rad.
Sadness weeps, lets out a melancholy cry,
Children with confused faces do not know why.
Anger, the most horrible and troublesome feeling of them all.
Excitement enjoys to casually shop at the mall.
Love makes people do outrageous things.
And you know love leads to wedding rings.
Joy is a hard and amazing thing to find.
Jealousy always sits impatiently behind.
Annoying, a hard core feeling.
Fright is a venomous and scary snake.
Last of all is nervousness, the attacking and complicated emotion.
I was confused about what emotion should I have,
It's not here I'll just look in the thesaurus instead.

by Jessico Nkusu (10)
Albert Bradbeer Primary School, Birmingham

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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