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Angry Poem

I thought about emotions and the emotions that I've had –
There's happy ones and angry ones and also there is sad.
Happy is the popular one that everyone will do
So I will do one different and write an angry one for you.

When something doesn't go right and you're feeling very stressed,
A massive surge of anger comes up boiling, from your chest,
I feel myself get hot and my face might then turn red,
It feels like I'll have steam come out, come steaming out my head.

I clench my fists and grit my teeth as I begin to baulk –
If I get any angrier, I'll turn into the Hulk!
Angry is not good and it certainly isn't nice,
But if you listen closely, I shall give you some advice.

When you feel that anger coming
You should stop it in its tracks,
Think about what you're doing,
Calm yourself, sit down and relax.

by Cole Morris (9)
Barwell CE Junior School, Leicester

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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