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The Story Of A Well-Known Nintendo Character

You've stolen my princess,
My fruit,
My joy.
Oh this is the last time you will toy.
I'll call up my bro and the rest of my gang.
To fight your demented tortoise clan.
No matter how many enemies you put in my way, I'll dispatch them
Right here,
Right now,
With mushrooms that give us tremendous powers,
And not to mention the cute little flowers.

Over rolling green hills
Through lava filled lakes
From luscious world one
To vicious world eight.

From left to right, I run, I scroll,
All to make it to my goal.
As my hands slide down the metallic flag pole,
I feel accomplished yet my life not whole.

Whilst I reflect on what you have taken from me,
I realise the world isn't as it should be.

You've oppressed our lands for far too long,
And for this our retaliation will be strong.

The time has come to claim my prize,
Your well and truly deserved demise.

The iron doors creaked as I entered your lair,
With the potential to be a victorious player.

It was at that moment I waited, then I received a parcel,
‘Your princess is in another castle.’

by Aaron Vidal (13)
Independent Entry

Competition - Poetopia

Copyright remains with the author.