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Memories To Cherish

Miles apart
Close to your heart
Your journey will soon go further than this
And you'll definitely be the only one I'll ever miss
I still remember those wild, free, innocent days of us playing together
We were so naive, thinking it will go on for ever
Now as you lie in your sterile white bed
Struggling to cling onto the cliff of life
I have finally mustered up the courage to tell you everything I've never said;
It was me who stuck gum in your hair
And even though it seemed like I didn't care
Occasionally I would stay at home
Just to hang out with you alone
My mates were never really busy
I just wanted to be with you – Miss Crazy
I should have treasured all the moments spent with you
It will always be us two
I'm scared I'll be different if you're not here
I won't be as good, I fear
Sometimes I don't fall asleep at night
Because I'm so afraid you will be gone when I wake up
Like, if I keep moving, you will too
Without an alarm saying, ‘Time's up!’
I can't help thinking it should be me
You have been fighting cancer better than an army of the Queen
Does everyone look at you and think,
You got lucky?
Do you think that too?
I'm sorry
You've always been sweeter to me than honey
Did I mention I found it cute when you used to cuddle Bunny?
My greatest fear is saying to you I love you
Even if it is true
I'm scared to say it because it's so final
Like goodbye
But I'm not saying goodbye
Not ever
You are my twin sister for ever
And I'll always be your twin brother
Maybe you could just try and stay longer
For me
Because I don't know if I can be me without you.

by Hana Ahmed (14)
Jamea Al Kauthar, Lancaster

Competition - Poetopia

Copyright remains with the author.