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The Old Tree

Thin as a finger,
The hardened branches hold,
As the sky that ices up
As strong as a solid shell
You get older but stronger
And yet stronger every day
Throughout your life
Countless have climbed upon you
But you stood like a statue watching steadily
During summer you bear gifts of sweetness
You are old and wise
Kind but strong
Rarely do you wave
The harshest storms
The strongest earthquakes
All struggle to move you
Yet countless of your kind have fallen
Not by a ferocious, roaring wind
Not by the rumbling destruction of an earthquake
But at the hand of man's engineering
You clean the air yet people ask
‘What do we do?’
In panic about our ice caps
Yet the very answer
Inside your hardened shell
Is what we're cutting down
For as long as you are standing
Your roots gripping onto the earth
There is an answer
Whether you be the last one of your kind
As long as your branches bear fruit
There is still time.

by Joseph Walker (14)
Buckhaven High School, Fife

Competition - Poetopia

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