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My Emotions

Sense is the voice in the back of your head
Telling you, ‘Do what your parents said’
Bored never listens so he doesn't care
What happened and when and why and where
Anger's a flame that dances and licks
And yells out insults and punches and kicks
Sadness will sulk and shuffle along
She'll make you sigh every time you go wrong
Worry and fear are the Siamese twins
As cold as ice and as hurtful as pins
Here comes confidence, striding through town
Even Mrs Sadness won't get him down
Speaking of her, she cries all the time
And will erase ‘happy’ from everyone's mind
After sadness is gone, joy will prevail
And she is the heroine of every tale
She skips and she sings and she grins all the while
And speeds love through the world with an infectious smile.

by Zoë Clutterbuck (0)
Cam Woodfield Junior School, Dursley

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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