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My Fears

When I see a spider, on my kitchen floor.
I climb higher and higher from the scary war.
Between the spider and I,
I may lose an eye.
When my mum came in, she defeated him.
When I look back at the memory,
I just think of my enemy.

When I think of scary bugs, all I need is a little hug.
Like when the wasp came in, I just couldn't defeat him.
He came marching in like a soldier, with a rucksack over his shoulder,
Looking for a victim, to take back to his kingdom.

When I think of scary clowns, all it makes me do is frown.
I can't go to carnivals or anything like that because
If I see them there I'll be an unlucky cat.
If I have a scary dream,
All it makes me do is scream.
The clown that's big and very strong,
Who stares at me all day long!

by Thea Wood (10)
Cygnet House Prep School, Bangor

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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