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My Emotions

Bright sky-blue eyes full of hope and dreams
Pink cheeks, dimples and a blissful smile
Long golden tresses glisten and gleam
The emotion that smiles so happy and coy
Is of course the one and only Joy.

Tear-filled eyes full of misery and sorrow
Pale skin, sniffling nose and a wailing mouth
Drooping rain-soaked hair and a face so morose
The emotion whose cries almost drive her mad
Is of course the one and only Sad.

Furious wrathful eyes full of hatred and malice
Cheeks red with fury and a yelling mouth
Flame-red hair adding to her madness
The emotion whose shouts are as hurtful as a dagger
Is of course the one and only Anger.

Horror-filled eyes full of fright
Ghostly pale skin and a screaming mouth
Greasy, lank hair and skin that is white
The emotion who's too scared to come near
Is of course the one and only Fear.

Eyes filled with loathing and distaste
Dirty blonde hair and pouting lips
A fussy one who can't bear a mistake
The emotion that you can trust
Is of course the one and only Disgust.

by Shaona Mitra (0)
Independent Entry

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.