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Sadness is like the sun going down
or a fish who's lonely in the dark.
Sadness is like every shade of grey
like all other colours have been taken away.

Sadness is heavy, like you are carrying a bag of rocks
that slows you down or makes you stop.
Sadness is like a cloud crying in the sky
creating a mist that just won't fly.

Sadness can be caused by something big or small
a harsh word from someone you love.
A feeling of doing something quite wrong
or losing a treasure you wanted to keep for so long.

Sadness is like you are in your own cave
with darkness surrounding you and trapping you in.
But it doesn't have to stay for long
all you need is a smile, a hug or a kiss or a song.

by Sebastian Fisher (0)
Lichfield Cathedral School, Lichfield

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.