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What Is Pride?

Pride is a lion,
The king of the beasts,
The ruler of the savannah,
Pride is a lion.

Pride is a great grey wolf,
He who stalks the mountains,
Grey king in the wilderness,
Pride is a wolf.

Pride is a golden eagle,
He who soars through valleys and mountains,
Guarding his young from enemies,
Pride is an eagle.

Pride is a wolverine,
The little creature, holds his head high,
Small but ferocious,
Pride is a wolverine.

Pride is…
The king of the beasts,
He who stalks the mountain,
He who soars through valleys,
The little creature who holds his head high.

Pride is a lion,
A wolf,
An eagle,
A wolverine.

by Sasha Horspool (10)
St. Winifred's RC Junior School, London

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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