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A Rumble In My Tummy

What's that? Who's there?
It's like a knocking on the door
Am I tired? Am I ill
Or is it something more?

There's a rumbling in my tummy
It's like a growling bear
My daddy's eating lunch
I wonder will he share?

I'm not sure what's needed
To make this feeling go
So I'm going to the kitchen
To see if Mum will know

I tell Mum how I'm feeling
She smiles and sits me down
‘I know what's needed darling
To remedy that frown’

A plate of salty chips
Put down in front of me
My favourite food
Does not last long
But my tummy smiles with glee.

by Ella Gillespie (10)
Loreto Preparatory School, Altrincham

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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