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Emotions On Paper

Happy, sad, angry, glad,
Excited and loved.
Tired and scared,
Brave and prepared.
Emotions that we feel.

The rich are happy, excited and proud,
Their opinions swamp the crowd.
The poor are scared, tired and alone,
Fighting, struggling in search for a home.
Emotions that we feel.

The ordinary however, their feelings are jumbled,
Happy, sad, angry - all churned and tumbled.
Some shed tears, neither happy nor sad,
Their faces red red. Angry or glad?
Emotions that we feel.

We all feel emotions, bubbling like potions,
In the cauldron of our soul.
They may make us confused,
But they also make us whole,
Emotions that we feel.

by Cerys Shanks (10)
Fulwood and Cadley Primary School, Preston

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.