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Mixed Emotions

You asked me to tell you how I feel, make believe or something real?
Will I tell you?
Not sure that I should,
not sure that I could.
If I do, will you think me shallow or deep?
Will you laugh or will you weep?

I guess I must, so here we go.
My biggest fear is being alone.
But if I have to, I shall not moan.
I also have a fear of spiders.
Some are big and some are small.
The fast ones make my skin crawl.
My panic rises as I know they're there.
It feels like I'm drowning, but still gasping for air.
But it's really annoying, because you find one everywhere.

Christmas is coming, I am so excited.
As excited as Rudolph with carrots.
So many gifts on my telly.
I like the adverts not the news,
I have so many lists,
but which will I use?

So for love, what a rush.
Oh dear, making my face blush.
But enough of that,
I'd rather watch Sam and Cat.
Love is everywhere,
at home and in the air.
Family and friends.
A forever love that never ends.

by Charlotte Coley (9)
St. Francis Catholic Primary School, Walsall

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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